Should We Create Sites For Users Or Search Engines?

Knowing whether to focus more on users or search engines can be a hard dilemma for all website owners. However, the truth is you should design your website for both purposes. Designing your website for only visitors without any concern search engines will provide you with few visitors. SEO San antonio
On the other hand, if you fill your site with tons of keywords and you don’t make your site user friendly, your visitors will not come back. It is actually very simple to optimize your site for both purposes. Search engines want to see that your site is built properly to provide valuable information for visitors. You can actually have your search engine ranks fall if you do not use visitor friendly techniques. Contact us @
Optimize Your Web Pages
The first step in making your website user and search engine friendly is optimizing your web pages. The first step is to use the keywords that you want search engines and users to recognize you for. The text on your pages should include these keywords throughout the page. Do not simply shove them in anywhere; make sure they flow along with the text. Your keywords should also be used in your website name and page titles. Make sure that if you are using a specific phrase, you use it in the correct order. You will also want your keywords used in your meta keywords and meta phrases. Make sure the flow of your pages is also easy to go through; you should use a site map for the search engines.
Offer Links to Information
The search engines want to see links from your website to other information, as well as links into your site. This is also helpful to your visitors. If you run a wedding planner service, you might consider offering links to bands, florists, or even caterers. This will bring visitors back to your site, since they can find all the information they need. You also need to have links from other websites, so users can find you. In the same way you would place radio ads for your local business, links are like ads for your website. There are many ways you can build up your links with help from other website owners you know, or you could build your own links using social sites like Myspace or Blogger.
Search Engine Optimization
As you can see, many of the things you do to bring visitors to your webpage will also make the search engines rank you higher. One of the main factors in how high you rank in search engine results is the number of visitors you average. If you can build a site that is popular and has a lot of visitors, the search engines will find you important. Make sure that when you are developing your site, you use ethical practices. Don’t link to pages that have bad sites or build your pages in a way that forces your keywords on your visitors. The best way to get results is by slowly building your link campaign and offering a great, user friendly web page.
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